Things and people that inspired me at interesting2008

Simon and James Houston

This is Simon, my brother, talking to James Houston.  James made this video, something I put on this blog a while back and was totally in awe of.  James didn’t really speak at interesting, he just showed the video, and that was enough.  So James inspired me, and it turns out wants to collaborate with us.

Next on my list of interesting inspirenness is this guy, Jim Le Fevre.  He makes cool Zoetrope’s using paper, card, bit’s and bob’s and a record deck.  Lovely crafted stuff, almost pointless, but that makes me love it even more.

Collyn Ahart Chipperfield

This is Collyn, I took her photo just before she went on stage to talk about the death of looking back and retro.  I took this picture on my digital camera, she then took my photo on her retro Poloroid - little bit ironic.  I loved her talk, apparently based on a book she wrote 2 years ago, and I forgot to ask her the title.  But, she was one of those people who I could have listened to for a long time - not sure I had anything intellectual to add to the debate though.

I was inspired by loads more, but these are the ones I woke up thinking about.

Oh, musn’t forget to mention Russell Davies for putting the whole thing on.  An inspiring and fried breakfast loving man.