The first shots from my Contax G2

I’ve been looking to get a new quality film camera for ages.  I have of course been considering the Leica’s, but, they really are out of my price range.  I stumbled across this great review of the Contax G2, and it seemed like the perfect camera for me.  I got the G2 with the 45mm F2 Planar lens, which according to some reviewers, is as good and in some cases better than some of the Leica Lens.  I’m not sure I’m qualified to tell the difference.

So, I won it on Ebay 2 weeks ago, and have been excitedly tracking it’s progress from Canada to Brighton since then.  I was so excited, that instead of risking missing the post today, I made a trip to the depot at Gatwick. It was annoying and exciting rolled into one, mainly because the journey takes you as close as you can get to the flight path of the airport and I love the smell of jet fuel.  But, it was quite a long walk.

After shooting one roll of film, I think I’m going to be using it a lot.  I actually looked into buying a bulk film loader today.  All the shots are on my Flickr page, expect to see more soon.