Monorail to Epcot by Curtis James (oswald808)) on
Monorail to Epcot by Curtis James

I spent a week in Orlando in November, visiting the places that I imagined would make me feel like a child again.  I look back on the trip with mixed emotions.  I rarely spend 7 days with 6 family members, and I have to say it was not always easy.  On the whole, the trip was interesting and exciting with lots to photograph.  The one thing I struggled with was the pace of each day.  I would have liked more days like the day I made this photo.  We had some time to wait around before Epcot opened, and time is, for me, a good thing when making photo’s.  I came back with quite a few rolls of film, but most images felt like snapshots, a mixture of trying to capture the special moments, but, not quite enough time spent making good photo’s.  This is one of my favourites.