Atoms Collide #9

I've been hosting this thing called Atoms Collide for the past 8 months. I set it up because I missed some of good things about hosting Likemind a few years previous. Those good things were the informal chats about projects, ideas and worries. The thing I didn't want was the peacocking and the business cards, the pretence of our expertise in our chosen area.

The thing I wanted the most was a more human and honest thing where people could come and chat to me and others about their fears, battles and tribulations with the business of making things happen. I hoped that somewhere in those discussions and listening, ideas might emerge.

I reckon I can't be the only person who needs this kind of thing.

I'll be at Bond Street Coffee in Brighton on the 31st of July between 8:30-10:30am if you fancy a chat. I could tell you all about my past 9 months setting up a brand new thing including all the gruesome details.