I'm Curtis James, and I am involved in a number of projects.

I founded Fieldwork in 2014. It brings together a team of experienced ethnographers, business designers, documentary makers and photographers to help communities, companies and people document life, find and solve problems, big and small.

Iā€™m also working on an Arts Council funded R&D project in the community I grew up in, training and supporting residents to do their own ethnography. 

I have a number of personal photography projects on the go. One is an in depth look at Work and all it's layers and facets called Beyond Work. The other is about psychics and the spirit world.

I work out of a studio in central Brighton that doubles as a dark room, letterpress, screenprinting and bookbinding studio.

I co-founded and worked at People Who Do between 2008 and 2014. I developed and ran a global music programme for Heineken between 2002 and 2008. I made records during the 90's.

I go hiking and wildcamping a lot.