Do Lectures Thoughts #24 - How do we prepare the young ones to become future Do Lecture (or other good happening) attendees?

I wrote this list of key ideas from the Do Lectures on the 7th June, 5 months ago. This one seems pretty important. Maybe the structure of the sentence isn't quite right, but the sentiment is. Sometimes it feels like life for so many is like a sleepwalking journey on an escalator. The following clip is from one of my favourite films, A matter of life and death.

I have a few ideas for education projects, some of which I may well chat about at this new thing I'm doing called Atoms Collide. Atoms Collide is about ideas, purpose and doing. I want to collide with the others that can challenge some of the things we've almost taken for granted as the norm. One of the biggest things is the journey people take from the moment their feet hit the ground at nursery to the moment they decide to stop learning. In my opinion, learning should never stop, but it feels designed in a way that makes people want to get through it, like it's this thing they have to get out of the way. It's a big challenge I know. That's why I need the others.

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