Do Lectures Thoughts #18 - "Evil flourishes when good people do nothing"

How lovely that I get to start writing thought #18 the day after meeting up with the person that said the words

"Evil flourishes when good people do nothing"

Sarah Corbett was in Brighton yesterday to speak at an Etsy meetup, and I met with her before the event to put the world to rights over coffee, tea, macaroons and flapjacks.

It was really good to re-connect with someone I met at the Do Lectures. I remember the moment we met, at dinner on the Friday night, huddled around one of the tables outside, sharing dinner, wine, chat about why we were there, interesting food stories plus a load of other stuff.

There were a few speakers on our table, including Sarah, and the conversation came around to nervousness and apprehension about speaking. I was, and always am shocked at how many other people are nervous about getting up and telling their story. I am always impressed when people do stand up and do their thing, and it connects to the title of this post. I was sat around a table with good people who care about what they do, and whether it was conscious or intentional, all were trying to stop evil in some shape or form from flourishing.

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