Atoms Collide #9

I've been hosting this thing called Atoms Collide for the past 8 months. I set it up because I missed some of good things about hosting Likemind a few years previous. Those good things were the informal chats about projects, ideas and worries. The thing I didn't want was the peacocking and the business cards, the pretence of our expertise in our chosen area.

The thing I wanted the most was a more human and honest thing where people could come and chat to me and others about their fears, battles and tribulations with the business of making things happen. I hoped that somewhere in those discussions and listening, ideas might emerge.

I reckon I can't be the only person who needs this kind of thing.

I'll be at Bond Street Coffee in Brighton on the 31st of July between 8:30-10:30am if you fancy a chat. I could tell you all about my past 9 months setting up a brand new thing including all the gruesome details.

Imogen Heap on the current state of the music industry

Now it feels as if the music industry is a complete mess, a rusty, overstretched, tired machine. Grappling with a lot of old crooked contracts that don’t reflect our times, music services that run on greed to please shareholders smothered in buy-buy-buy adverts, dated accounting setups favouring anyone but the artist thanks to gross inefficiencies, confusing royalty statements and delayed payments (if any at all), coupled with the music itself not always being tagged effectively, and thus leading to mistakes… plus patchy copyright databases. It is almost impossible to find out who REALLY gets what. I’ve lost sleep in the past, scratching my head over the small print, with an icky feeling maybe I was selling my soul to do what I love. And, at the end of it all, more times than not, we are listening to seriously degraded quality sound files, on tinny speakers or trendy hyped up headphones lacking quality sound. Artists and music, deserve better.

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